Welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – University of Niš

The story of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš began in 1960, when it was established as a department of mechanical engineering of the Technical Faculty in Niš, only to develop into an independent higher education institution as part of the University of Niš in 1971. It was then that the City of Niš became a university centre, which can today be proud of its more than half a century of tradition of higher education and academic life.
As the only faculty of mechanical engineering on the territory of south-eastern Serbia, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš has been accomplishing its threefold mission for over five decades now. This comprises education, scientific research, and participation in the development and transformation of society. From its very beginning, the Faculty assumed the role of one of the prime movers of the educational, scientific, economic, and social development of Niš and the region. This mission is today carried out with an ever greater responsibility, due to the demands of the overall reformation of society, European integration, transition processes, and domestic and global labour market rules. In the process of creating modern European education in Serbia, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš has taken on the task of offering an academic response to current issues, as well as securing scientific and technological support to the development of the region and the city to which it is connected through its location, history and future.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš has grown into a fully fledged, well-balanced academic environment during its 54 years of existence.

Today, there are 1467 students at all levels of studies at the Faculty. Academic activities are conducted by a total of 96 professors and assistants, with additional 60 members of the non-teaching staff.
From its establishment to the academic year 2014/2015, 5467 students have graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš, with 35 of them being foreign citizens. The academic degree of magister of science has been earned by 185 postgraduates, and 121 doctoral dissertations have been successfully defended. These generations of experts today belong the proven professional, educational and scientific research personnel both in Serbia but also around the world. Our graduates represent this faculty in the country and abroad, and are one of its most important references. At the same time, they are themselves represented in the professional work by the degree earned at this faculty, and that is why it is imperative that they are proud of the academic community from which they have stemmed.

Our Faculty has successfully reaccredited its study programmes within the field of mechanical engineering, and starting from the academic year 2014/2015 students have been admitted to the undergraduate academic studies in mechanical engineering which last for four years, and whose completion awards them the professional degree of graduate mechanical engineer. Instead of the previous master’s studies in mechanical engineering which lasted for two years, five new master academic study programmes have been accredited within the field of mechanical engineering: Production Information Technologies; Traffic Engineering, Transport and Logistics; Mechatronics and Control; Mechanical Constructions, Development and Engineering; and Energetics and Process Engineering, whose completion grants students the academic degree of master of science in mechanical engineering within the respective field. A total of 25 students are admitted to the doctoral studies in mechanical engineering, with the possibility of attending lectures in English.