The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš is an independent educational and scientific institution owned by the state which, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, and within the educational and scientific field of engineering and technological sciences and scientific area of mechanical engineering, organizes and conducts academic studies of:

First level Undergraduate studies Mechanical Engineering 4 years 240 ECTS
Engineering Management 4 years 240 ECTS
Second level Graduate (master) studies Energetics and Process Engineering 1 year 60 ECTS
Mechatronics and control 1 year 60 ECTS
Mechanical Constructions, Development and Engineering 1 year 60 ECTS
Information and Production Technologies 1 year 60 ECTS
Traffic Engineering, Transport and Logistics 1 year 60 ECTS
Engineering Management 1 year 60 ECTS
Third level Doctoral studies Applied Mechanics 3 years 180 ECTS
Energetics and Process Engineering
Information and Production Technologies and Management
Mechanical Constructions, Development and Engineering
Мехатроника и управљање системима
Transport Engineering and Logistics