Предавање - Центар за примењену математику Машинског факултета у Нишу, CAM –FMEN

Дана 11.02.2020.  у сали  401 (четврти спрат) Машинског факултета са почетком у 12 часова



Центар за примењену математику Машинског факултета у Нишу,


организује следеће предавање:


Vladimir Balan,   University Politehnica of Bucharest

Faculty of Applied Sciences,

Department Mathematics-Informatics



Main structures, applications and multiarray spectral data relevance in the Finslerian anisotropic framework


Abstract. Among the promising extensions of Riemannian structures, the Finslerian ones prove their  usefulness in variousfields, like Biology, Physics, GTR, Monolayer Nanotechnology and Geometry of Big Data. In the present talk we characterize the Finsler structures and several notable extensions, and illustrate the theory by a brief account on m-th root spaces. We further give basic notions on spectra and critical values for tensors, and describe applications to Finsler models which arise from Langmuir-Blodgett interface

theory and Oncology. A powerful data structuring analysis tool, the Tucker decomposition, is exemplified for these models, and shown to provide a relevant insight for the geometric underlying structures.

Руководилац CAM - FMEN

др Меланија Митровић, ред. проф.